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Prevent Basement Flooding This Spring

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A flood in your basement can be a disaster. Not only will it damage your possessions, but it can also cause structural damage to your home. In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to prevent a flood in your basement. Follow these tips and you can rest assured that your basement will be safe from flooding this spring.

1. Install a second sump hole that is deeper and has a larger capacity. This way, even if your primary pump fails you’ll still be able to rely on the backup one! 

2. Zoeller pumps are a great investment for your home. Not only do they last longer than any other brand, but their float switches can be replaced in just 15 minutes and cost around $25 in parts.

3. Always keep an extra pump and some spare pipes/valves in your car so you can practice switching them out when it’s time for a quick fix.

4. The sump pipes and valves in your home will eventually fill up with dirt. Make sure you change or clean them out every few years to avoid a major problem for yourself!

5. To make sure you are always aware of any issues in your home, put a water alarm near the sump pump. Make sure that the alarm is loud enough so that you can hear if there is an issue even when you are sound asleep. Some alarms will even send push notifications to alert you if there is an issue!

6. Test your outflow pipes with dye. You may get the die on Amazon and use it to color your sump hole. Pour some of the solution into the sump and watch it emerge from the discharge next to the road. If you detect any dye in any other location, you have a leak and water is simply being recirculated.

7. If your home is more than 30 years old, have the outside of your foundation waterproofed. It’s possible that external drain tile should be installed at the same time. Divert all of that water away from your home.

8. Check to see whether your internal drains are clogged. The easiest method to do so is to ensure that all of your water appears to flow into the sump hole from all angles.

9. Make sure downspouts are sending water away from your property. If they go all the way to the street, that’s even better. In the fall, clean out your gutters to prevent spring flooding.

10. Install a backup generator in the house with sump pump circuits linked to it. Even if you lose power while you are away your generator will start up and keep your sump pump running.

11. In the basement, anything that you put on the floor should be in a plastic bag. Be sure to get everything off the basement floor if you know you are going to have a lot of rain or melting snow.

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