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Shower Water Pressure: Causes and Solutions

A shower head showing low shower water pressure.

If you’ve ever been in the shower and experienced a sudden change in water pressure, you know how frustrating it can be. Suddenly the water is coming out in a weak stream or even stopping altogether. What’s going on? What causes water pressure to fluctuate?

Low Shower Water Pressure?

There are actually a few different things that can cause water pressure to change in your shower. One common reason is simply the age of your home’s plumbing. Over time, pipes can become corroded or blocked, which can lead to decreased water pressure.

Another possibility is that someone else in your household is using water at the same time you are. If someone is running the dishwasher, washing machine, or taking a shower on a different floor, it can affect your water pressure.

Improve Shower Water Pressure

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help improve water pressure in your shower. Start by checking to see if the water pressure regulator is set properly. This is a valve that controls how much water flows into your home and can sometimes become adjusted unintentionally. If the water pressure regulator is set too low, it can restrict water flow and cause low water pressure. You may also want to have a plumber check your home’s pipes to see if they need to be cleaned or replaced.

Also check to see if there are any water leaks. Water leaks can definitely cause the water pressure to drop. if there are no water leaks and the water pressure regulator is set correctly, then you might need a new shower head.

BM Sewer & Drain Cleaning

If you’re experiencing chronic problems with water pressure in your shower, don’t despair! There are a number of potential causes and solutions. By troubleshooting the issue, you can soon be enjoying a steady stream of water at just the right temperature. Ensure there are no clogs or blockages in your plumbing system by contacting BM Sewer and Drain 716-830-4065 to schedule your next service.