Tree roots in the sewer line

Tree roots sometimes grow into sewer lines. They seek out water and oxygen so when a sewer line pipe cracks, water comes out of it and tree roots start to grow into the crack to find more water. Here are some ways to to get roots out of your sewer pipe lines:

  • Using rock salt: Get 2 pounds of rock salt and pour half a pound into your toilet. Flush your toilet multiple times until the salt is gone. Repeat the process until you use up the 2 pounds. Don’t flush the toilet for at least 12 hours after completing this process. 
  • Foaming root killer: Pour the foaming root killer into your toilet and then flush. Using foaming root killer not only gets rid of roots, but prevents them from future root growth in your pipes. 

While these are good ways to get rid of tree roots in your sewer line pipes, the best way is to hire a professional. Contact BM Sewer today at (716) 803-4065 to have tree roots removed from your pipes.