What to do if your basement floods

If your basement floods, the first thing to do is to not walk in the water because it could be electrically charged and could shock you. Homeowner’s insurance covers accidents such as pipes bursting, but will not cover the damage if the flood was caused by a storm. Here are some things to do if your basement floods:

  • Use a wet-dry vacuum: Using a wet-dry vacuum will help to remove the water from your basement. You could also use a squeegee to drag the water towards drains to make it go down faster. 
  • Remove all wet items: Mold can develop very quickly on your items if they’re not removed or thrown away.
  • Install an emergency sump pump system: Most of the times a flood occurs, it’s due to the sump pump not working. Emergency sump pump systems kick on when the sump pump stops working preventing your basement from being flooded.